First day Em

In the morning I arrived to the EM. Sunshine, 4 m2 and 16 degrees in the water… the worst possible conditions! I fished trough Barrett once before lunch. Then time to await the darkness in bed… In these conditions I usually don’t fish daytime at all. I actually think we’d catch more fish if we just would leave the river untouched during the day. First take came in the dusk, gently yet distinct! A small Pahtakorva with tungsten cone and two rubber legs did the trick. After several contortions I landed a beautiful fat fall trout. Broad like the typical Em trout! 84cm and about 7.5-8 kilo. Just as great every time you manage to catch one of the magical fish. I continued and the second take came - this time super hard. Earlier I changed to one of the new Kraken variants with tungsten glow cone and glow tubing which would result… After a crazy fight including many high jumps I landed a about 10 kilo and 98 cm big fall salmon. Two fish the first day - now a couple hours sleep. Up by the river tomorrow at 5.00 in the morning!