Friday last day!

The last day and it all started with a lottery where I drew the winning ticket-Solotaya! Uli from Scweitz had however wanted it so and after consulting with Anders, he got to go and we went fishing again the lower pools. Uli was happy as ever - good! I fished Rock island from the right side and after a while when Anders got his stomach in order - he from the left. The left side provides a better drift on the fly and it’s interesting how the fish that just pulls the fly from the right takes from the left. I fished the little stream outside "Lonely Island" and in the waves I got taken hard and violently! Down through the rapids with me after.... yihaaa! I think it was the 4th time this week that a salmon decided to leave the pool. With some luck it went OK and I could land a nice sealiced 10 lbs fish in brilliant condition. In fact, I rarely or never seen the fish with 2 years at sea In this fantastic condition! We than fished 10 Island and I got another nice 10 lbs on the little "Turbo sheepen". The week was over and it was time to gather your thoughts and all the new experiences and impressions!