Fourth and fifth day

Our rotation was every second day up and down. Since the river and the stretch fished by Ryabaga is so big there are plenty of water and however you try you can’t fish it all. We started up to the upstream border, to Kolmack. Here one of the biggest tributaries come in. A great place with excellent bank fishing. Even the Ponoi way is to fish it from the boat dropping down on a rope I just feel I get more control of what I do when wading it from the bank. The boat set up is super easy and super effective but to wade is what I am used to. We caught a few good fish and finishing down on a In Flames on a TTT I hooked a great fish that took me well into my backing. Maybe with a week in the river it pulled the scale to 17 lbs, a truly nice Osenka.

The day after we went down-stream. A did quite a few good wades. Caught a few from the boat. The river is quite low and the cold weather makes it colder and colder. After yesterday’s heavy snow fall I hear that it is now down below 2,5 degrees. This day was pretty slow. My best fish was a dark old 15 lbs that probably been in for a couple of months. We went to the lower part of the river. Very nice area with lots of possibilities. After lunch Martin Vainer who’s brother Richard I’ve fished with before, caught a nice little two sea winter fish right in front of the camera – well done!