Friday - last day!

Again we went with Benjamin, Ben a nice young rookie guide from the UK. He will hate me know calling him a rookie since he’s been fishing the fly almost since he could walk, but it was his first year on the river. We fished a few nice spots, waded a bit and in “Cuban night club” I got a really hard take. Osenkas are among the most beautiful fish you get. They are built to spend a whole year before spawning so they need to be super fat. This little silvery football gave me a really nice fight and weighted only 13 lbs, but was my most beautiful fish of the week. A couple of smaller fish in the afternoon and the week was over. In total fewer fish than normal maybe but it’s remarkable to fish sea liced fish this late in the season. To sum it all up I caught 20+ fish with 4 fresh over 10 lbs and a 17 lbs biggest. Now we are packing up to go back with the helicopter tomorrow. Ryabaga is a classy camp and a fantastic experience. Back with some thoughts about this great operation tomorrow!