Down stream again!

On the Ponoi you fish on a schedule and you change guide every day. There are good and bad things bout it. For me being a rookie here it’s good. I learn to know all the guides and what they are good at. Today I fished with American Alex. Young and hungry he’s a good guy, but when he started telling me how to play my fish I couldn’t help smiling a bit. But when all the heart from the guide is in wanting you to get that fish its truly good in all ways.

This day I started catching one from the boat and then waded mostly all day. We saw some great fish but managed only to land smaller fish. Clean and sea liced they are truly a miracle this time of the year. I fished my medium TTT "Flomflugan" and they really seemed to like it. I landed four nice fish and lost a few. Ponoi is not the big fish river, but this year there seems to be fewer fish over 15 lbs runing than normal. The run of this river is fantastically 60 000 fish and of them about 80 % come in the fall as Osenkas to spawn the following fall. This night was extremely cold, I guess that when I reeled in the temperature was approx. 10 C below zero… and they say colder weather is coming!?