Flatstone - full of fish!

Again, time for Litza this magnificent gem among the world’s salmon rivers! I followed Ole, Terje and Valentine to the upper part. Flat Stone was the target and the first hour gave several nice fish. It was small "Willie Guns" on double hook that was what worked. We coached us through the problem with the upstream mend, created a fine belly downstream and was what triggered - brilliant! Two experienced Norwegians who fished their flies with great precision! After lunch I went down stream and got two nice fish in "secret pool ’. This is one of my absolute favorites with deep water and good speed over a nice tail. A little turbo sheep was what gave results. A crazy climbing around on TV gave me another strike, and there was great surprise when a "Humphy" in 8 lbs class surrended. One of Stalin’s mad idea was to improve everything and pacific salmon were released just by this reason - crazy guy!