Sunday - Litza on fire!

Today it was time for the first coaching. The small morning and evening power points works fine and the technology too - so far! I went away with Maria and her husband Andrey. We landed in Dream Pool and Maria and I went up in “Mickey Mouse”. A fast little fly attracted a fish 3 times but when it did take well, she was unfortunately too fast! A little further down, she got a nice grilse and Andrey missed a fish that jumped free in the Dream Pool. “Ledge” gave nothing and when lunch was completed, I went down to connect to Jacob and Hakan who stayed overnight in the tent pool. The radio told us that Jacob fished well with 4 landed salmon with a 16-pounder as largest. It is far from Dream to snowbank and when I came down, I myself had landed 3 fish and sweaty as a pigg, I sat with the camera and then Jkob hooked and landed his fifth nice fish. Håkan got 4 and the day was great! Fast fished small tubes and floating line was what did it!