East Ranga - catch & kill!

Today it was time for the first full day at East Ranga. This special river where salmon are not able to reproduce, but where the "Sea raching" has enabled thousands of salmon to run. Here now one is talking about C & R, here are all salmon food. A little strange with all these salmon in plastic bags that leave the river, like a giant meat fishing! Sure, I have also been part of it, I have for once taken salmon home. Today we fished beat 6 and 5 Heat and rain made the river near unfishable. Glacier color and salmon holding in the deep pools made it really difficult. I did get a couple of salmon which I should be happy with. My buddies who fished here several times thinks it´s disaster bad fishing. A fat Green Samurai was what saved the day. The lodge is nice and today we got a meal of fresh cod that was among the best I have tasted! 5 stars to the chef!