Time for the best beats!

Then it was time for us to fish the best beats! East Ranga is divided into nine beats, with 3, 4 and 5 normally the best. Beat 4 normally gives 10-15 salmon to the two rods fishing. Today it was our turn. Maximum unluck made the river near too unfishable. Milky white soup with some algae - shit and shit again! I had been looking forward to this! Well that’s just trying heavy sinking lines and extra large flies yielded two pulls! The guide joked with us now broken the record! No one had blanked on beat 4 earlier this year! Hmm... Well then in the afternoon it was time for zone 3. This was better! Several pulls, 5 salmon landed up to about 10 pounds was actually really good. Imagine what a few hours of rest, sinking and a little clearer water may mean. It was a floating/H7sink2 and a green Samurai In about 8cm size that did the trick! Great with little redeeming salmon takes!