First full day’s fishing

Ponoi is a big river big but shallow and quite slow. I must say that I find it a bit hard to read the river and sometimes it feels like I just don’t know what I’m doing… But also Ponoi has one of the biggest runs of Atlantic salmon in the world. Thousands and thousands of fish entering the system and the majority of the stock is Osenkas, fish that come late in the fall to spawn the following year. The fall run starts in September and goes on in to the winter under the ice.

Today we took the boats and went down-stream. The system is to anchor the boat and to fish down one each side. The guide then lets out 1 m rope each cast. A very effective way of fishing! Today I caught a few fish. Most of them I hooked wading down the banks. It just suits me better. I fished a Nextcast line today, boy it fishes nicely. The best flies so far have been a Flomflugan variation a on a TTT. But of course, Pahtakorva has given some great fish too. It’s nice to catch sea liced fresh super fat Atlantics this time of the year. Still no big fish but, we just started!

Stay tuned more reports from Europe’s biggest wilderness coming up soon!