Day two - a new personal best!

The second day was Kjetils big day. The oldest of the brothers of crazy salmon anglers, with fewer fishing days than Espen and Eivind, must have been tough… We started on Törmenen which looked nice, but nothing. Next up was Hareströmmen where I had a quite big one which was on to the fly three times. Even though I waited and waited, I didn’t get it. Shit - same place where I had a 17 kilos a few years ago…

Kjetil who’d gone empty the first day had two nice grilse in Hareströmmen and another one in Banas. No real Alta salmon, just warmup… After the food we went to Valliniva, I fished my favorite spot on the west side and had two pulls. Kjetil fished from the boat, first he had a 7 kilos and then he landed a male which had been in the river a while, but it was weighed in at 12.8 kilos - new personal best! CONGRATULATIONS!

Gabo gave one pull… but that was it. Before I wrote this, Pahtakorva showed its greatness… But that adventures I spare for tomorrows blog!