Back to the Early Roots – Fishing Mörrum River in May

I first fished Mörrum back in '77. I was 16 years old and didn’t know much about salmon fishing. Soon Mörrum became an important part of me, of my fishing. A hard school where both wading and casting in difficult situations was absolutely necessary.

Spring was easy and so also fall, but May fishing was tricky. A period of 15 years or so I spent at least 6 full weeks in Mörrum and some years even more. Some years was amazing with more than 200 fish to my rod and some years it was a bit more tricky. I have many great memories and fantastic battles with amazing fish from this beautiful little river in the south of Sweden.

In Mörrum I started my C&R movement and also understood how the hatchery was creating problems for the wild stocks of both salmon and sea trout. I started that fight early and was looked at as a bit insane both releasing the fish and also fighting for the closing of the hatchery and release of smolt – this was back in the 80's. Today C&R is a common rule among many anglers and the hatchery is closed and wild fish is running. I must say that history has given me right. I strongly believe that focusing on the wild fish long ago would have helped the wild fish a lot and many of the difficult years would have been way better. Today the wild fish is in focus, restoring the river back to the original is in fast progress. It actually looks very good for this little gem among salmon rivers.

Håkan and I arrived safely and spent a few days fishing where we eagerly searched for the big fish 40 years ago. A great trip meeting many old friends but also stating that many has passed away and gone long ago, the years are rolling away but the magnificent pools with the big fish are still there.

I fished an intermediate with a small tip and the first hook up was at pool 9. A fish showed in the very tail and when the little Lion Butterfly swept over it – it took hard. A short fight showed a 5-6 kilo fish before it came loose. To lose a salmon is always hard, to lose one in Mörrum in May is hell. Later the same day I had a good strong pull in pool 15. It didn't take the Pahtakorva properly and came off.

The next day I hooked another fish in pool 14. A smaller fat little pig of a fish that took hard as hell, it stayed on almost into the grass before the hook pulled out – shit! A 5-6 kilos lost again… Three good opportunities in 1,5 day in Mörrum in May – just amazing.

Håkan also had a good strong take on his 'Banana Pig', that fish didn’t take proper and left him swearing a bit too. That night Håkan and I went to Vittskövle, we had fish coming for our flies many times, boiling, following but we couldn’t get them to take. Exciting but also frustrating.

The next morning, we strolled down to Pool 1 and 2. Here it's normally quite crowded but I got in and fished through the lower part of Pool 1. Coming in to Pool 2 a few fished showed. One just by the bush, rolled twice, just where they should take, just where the fly get the best speed. On a cast very close to the bank after just a meters drift It took solid. The fish took off downstream, pulled 60 meters or so and then turned fast. My line pointing downstream and the fish jumping above me – fantastic! I think it came clean out at least three times. After a little while it came in and with some help it was safely landed. 98 cm and 9,5 kilo beautiful hen with the Pahtakorva hooked deep and safe. A great feeling and good to feel the soft legs and shaking hands after landing a fish you really wanted.

A 3 cm Pahtakorva on the smallest TTT was the trick – just an amazingly good fly that given so many great catches. 2,5 days fishing and 4 good hook ups in Mörrum in May beats all other years. This tricky time of the year I never had as many solid contacts in so short time, it’s easy to get a bit too greedy and thinking that with a bit more “luck” I could have landed three.

We packed with a good smile and went to the Em where the Frödinflies Team weekend was about to start.