The Weekend with the Frödinflies Team at River Em

It was a true pleasure to have the chance to gather some of the key people of Frödinflies at River Em. Unfortunately our Finnish and Norwegian friends couldn’t join in because of the virus situation. We decided to play it safe with both lunch and dinner outside by the BBQ. It was so nice for Jakob, Ludvig and myself to meet up with everybody, do some fishing and just hang out.

We welcomed a few very devoted fisherman closer to the Team. Danne “Snoddas” Persson, Jeppe “Scandi” Nyberg and the Condrup family from Mörrum. Emma and Emil are both great fisherman but most of all it was a true pleasure to see young Leon, 11 years, fish his fly with perfection. Also younger brother Loui only 5 but eager to cast that fly to the other side. It’s for these kids and then their own future kids we fight, we all want them to experience wild salmon and free flowing rivers in healthy ecosystems.

We also presented some of all the new stuff coming up. To have a great team like this to give feedback is fantastic, together we are strong and together we have an unbeatable experience. It will be an interesting fall with so many great products coming out, products under hard test and critical eyes. Products to be proud of!

Rocker Jeppe brought out the guitar and played a few classics. Good music and fly fishing – that’s life! And yes, of course we fished too. Em spring salmon is the hardest there is but 4 real contacts with Peter Ohlssons 100 m run in Sea pool the longest and coolest fight. We didn’t manage to land any of this gigantic salmon but we saw a few and to fish for them in the classic pools is an amazing experience. Thrilling and beautiful. There were a few fish showing but a bit early still, two 17 kilo fish caught on the first pod of fish that came in a week before us, but Em is normally 2 weeks behind Mörrum.

We will try to gather our team as often as possible. When building a community like ours its important to meet, to exchange experience, discuss, test and learn from each other. I must say I am bloody proud to be able to have a team like this – great tiers and fisherman but also a group of really genuine people.

Thanks for being part of our team guys!