The Artifishal tour goes on... Oslo, Berlin and Amsterdam

Oslo is probably the most important town. The fish farming companies are Norwegian and the situation for the wild fish is the most serious in Norway. The genetic pollution is a fact on 60% of the rivers, the fjords have collapsed eco systems and the whole situation with a massive farming industry have just got totally out of control.

The Press and screening in Oslo went great. Erik Sterud from the Norwegian Salmon Rivers Org. and Jens Olaf Flekke from Redd Villaksen/NASF did a great job explaining just how serious the situation is for the Norwegian wild salmon stocks. The Cinema was sold out and the Q&A after was also good. I would have hoped for a bit more press and I missed both NRK and TV2 hmm… this is an infected situation, but still why did they not attend? Scared to show the criticism?

Last night we showed the film in Berlin. A truly great event! Again, sold out with the biggest audience so far. Great interest and both NASF Germany and The German Chef Ben did a great Job. Corin Smith joined me as fisherman activists and in total I think we actually presented facts and raised question that made people take stand against the filthy industry. I actually got applause when I said that we can make a difference and if we all take the fight we can change things to the better – that was pretty cool I think. We are many that want healthy ecosystems and wild fish. Many people understand and want to make a difference. The petition was last night over 105 000 signatures – and I know I am a bit crazy saying we go for 1 million! If you not singed yet – go ahead and do it right now here. Tomorrow we show the film at the Patagonia headquarters in Amsterdam – really looking forward to that!