Artifishal finally in Stockholm – a great event!

So finally, it was time to show Artifishal in Stockholm. The event was sold out since long and more than 120 people attended the event. I was monitoring the event, with help from Patrik Daugaard, Patagonia fish rep. We started with a very strong panel with Anders Wallgren from the Baltic Salmon Fund, Esa Fahlen project manager from the River Saver Association, Johan Östergren Doctor and fish scientist from the agricultural university and Andreas Ollinen communication manager at the Swedish Sport Fishing Organization.

The local situation with hydropower, few remaining wild salmon stocks, commercial fishing and disease and the fact that the situation is really urgent to also the Baltic salmon populations was debated. The film is strong and left the audience with thoughts on what to do to help. The Q& A after could have gone on all night. Johan Östergren gave the film lots of cred for being full of correct facts. Normally I am pretty critical Johan said, but this film shows the correct picture of reality.

Hopefully we got a few more people signing the petition from Stockholm. A few more members to Älvräddarna and also more backing to the Baltic Salmon founds “Laxskyddare” We also had a few chefs in the audience and hopefully we can now get their help to take stand against this filthy industry. Personally it was emotional to have my both sons in the audience. To tell the facts that if things go on like now they will not be able to teach their kids the magic of catching wild Atlantic salmon on the fly, like I did with them. The stocks will be extinct with only farmed and hatchery fish left – a very sad truth!