Fight for the Wild Salmon and the Superiority of Wilderness!

We take a stand for the environment, we believe in the ecosystem and the superior wild Atlantic salmon stock. The fight for free flowing rivers and wild fish is something that always will be fundamental and central in Frödinflies’ future. Without wild fish and healthy rivers the art of catching Atlantic salmon on a fly will be lost forever. We want future generations to be able to enjoy salmon fishing on healthy river systems all over the world.

We urge you to help us spreading the knowledge of the severe situation for wild fish and create a strong force for the future. One way of doing so and at the same time contributing to organizations working for the wild salmon is by using our Wild Salmon merch. Now our brand new bottles and cups are here, made by environmentally friendly Miir. Very cool, sustainable and durable! We also give back to Redd Villaksen and NASF. Join the Fight for the Wild Salmon!

Read more about the fight here and check out the merch here

Photo cred: Johan Annerfelt