Flies for early season on the Norwegian west coast!

June can be challenging. The fish are few and the conditions rough. Finding the lairs and the best holding places are crucial together with the right technique and setup to reach them. I like June. The fish are few, but it’s now you have the greatest chance of the ultimate fish. It’s the biggest fish of the year and fresh straight out of the sea!

The go to flies this time of the year are often big. Big and flashy is the 
“rule”. Even though the flies in 10 cm and bigger are known to work, I often find myself using more medium sized flies as well. Given the conditions of course! If the water’s quite clear, flies in 5-7 cm has proven themself very deadly, even on the bigger fish. Here’s a few of my patterns and designs for the opening days. Some old favorites and a few new ones as well. All designs in sizes from 5-12 cm ish. Anyways, tight lines to everybody this upcoming season. Let’s pray the salmon has made it and are ready take on the river. May it be a good season!

I’ll be starting the season in Stjørdal and will continue in my more local rivers here in Romsdal. These are some basic flies, and I will tie more particular patterns and styles throughout the summer. Tie and suit for the condotions!

//Erik Waagbø Nerland