A small Bolstad summery...

The scientific research fishing in Vosso and Bolstad has now been running for a few years. Self I fished first year last year. I would argue that conferred good fishing last year was the year’s fishing even more fantastic. Last year, I got some big fish and even some really nice looking fish, but some of them wore visible signs of coming from the hatchery. This year it was the opposite - extremely nice fish, sure I fished one week earlier but the difference was certainly not that. This year I fished opening days. We were seven guys who fished for 4 days and landed 50 salmon. A few smaller fish, and three in the 14 kg class, otherwise it was all between 9-12 kilos. A great cut. Bolstad was known for extremely large salmon 20, 25 and even over 30 kilos. These big fish run very early and hopefully it was the same this year. With a premiere on July 1, we cannot answer as to whether giant salmon are still running the Vosso and Bolstad. We hope for an experimental fishery in May or early June next year. This is needed to know if the gene bank has worked!
Self, I experienced some fantastic days with 12 landed salmon. 2 of my fish were smaller than 10 kg the rest over. The largest two,14 and 14.5 kilos, I took in Langehölen on the same day. I fished two outfits: Reaction 14.8 - Quadra 8-10 - 1/3/5 and LXI 15.9 - Quadra 10-12 and a grain combo 750 Grains + 8 feet superfast polly. I used 0.47 Egor all the time. My best flies were a bunch of green Samuries. Different sizes, a pair tied fat zonker stile some smaller thinner but all green Samuries Fu.. they are good!
Now I hope that the rest of the season will be really good! I know there are fishing licens left for those interested - a bit odd considering that it’s been, should be and certainly will be a beat asset under the principal "dead man’s shoes".