The "Mean Green"

I have had lots of questions on one of my newer patterns - The Mean Green. Its a Samurai/ Puzzy fly crossover that i think fishes best on a sunny day on the greenish river...

Mean Green
Tube: Fits silver or Glow medium + Fl. Chartreuse XS
Tag: Flat mirage tinsel.
Body: Diamond Pearl SSS Holo braid, SSS Diamond pearl Glitz + Sea Lice Silver Glitz. (Tied Samurai stile with part of dubbing in front of the wing).
Wing: A grey mix of black & white strands of soft rather straight hair.
Sides: Jungle cock (Domestic bird)
Hackles: Lime green Ostrich body feather + grizzly soft hackle.
Cone: XS FITS turbo cone

Fish them fast!