PM #20 – Nanook Classic & Micro

695 kr


This is a superb clearwater fly. It blends in on both greenish and blueish rivers and is good even down in extremely small sizes. The “mixed” hair wing is a technique that is not very often used but on this little fly we think it adds to the magic. Mikael fishes the Nanook as a first choice sunshine fly on many of the vest cost rivers of Norway, Iceland and even for a sunny day in Russia. Its preferable fished with a silver plated hook. 


– SOS Organizing Wallet M
– Classic Nanook sticker
– FITS Tubing Glow M
– FITS Tubing Fluor Chartreuse and Fluor Blue XS 
– FITS Tungsten Turbo Cones Chartreuse Metallic Micro 
– FITS Tungsten 1/2 Turbo Cones Chartreuse Metallic XS
– SSS Holo Braid Diamond Pearl
– SSS Holo Braid Clearwater Blue
– SSS Glitz Dubbing Diamond Pearl
– SSS Angel Hair HD Diamond Pearl
– SSS Angel Hair Clearwater Blue
– Mirage tinsel
– Ostrich spey plumes dyed chartreuse
– Chartreuse soft hackle
– Grey soft hackle
– Small teal feathers
– Medium lime green coloured fox hair
– Medium light blue coloured fox hair
– Synthetic jungle cock substitute