PM #19 – Barrett Bimbo BTT Nobody

695 kr


One of our best night flies, or to be fished in the dusk. The muddler head gives extra sound and extra good silhouette. It bears the name from Mikaels favourite pool on the river Em where it’s giving him many great sea trout of 20 lbs and more. We fish it with the loose Barrett Bimbo body, or the Mikkeli Blue one. Bare tubs that work well is black or glow or when a bit of colour to the water a Fl orange one. 


– SOS Organizing Wallet S
– Barrett Bimbo BTT Nobody sticker
– FITS Tubing Glow M
– FITS Tubing Fluor Orange XS 
– FITS Tungsten Turbo Cones Rainbow Micro 

– SSS Holo Braid Alta Gold
– SSS Holo Braid Sea Lice Silver
– SSS Glitz Dubbing Rainbow From Hell
– SSS Angel Hair HD Rainbow From Hell
– Mirage tinsel
– Fluor orange crafts fur
– Ostrich spey plumes dyed Black
– Medium black coloured fox hair
– Black deer hair
– Peacock eye feather dyed black
– Synthetic jungle cock substitute