Pattern of the Month – Subscription

625 kr


This is our Pattern of the Month subscription. Always offering materials to tie at least 10 flies of the pattern of the month. Comes in a SOS Organizing wallet. Automatically re-ordered the 27th each month and delivered to you before the film is out. Cancel at any time.

The latest pattern — PM #32 Classic Flomflugan — sent out to everyone who joins until the 27th of November.

Flomflugan or “The Flooded Fly” is our hottest coloured fly. A fly that is designed to stick out in the murkiest of waters. No fly box is complete without a fly tied to stand out when conditions are at its trickiest. But don’t underestimate this fly to only fish good at these extreme conditions. We have caught fish on this hot fly even in just slightly humus-coloured waters. The orange fly is a good weapon that probably should be used wider and more often. Fat and with volume it’s one hell of a sexy fly to swim – that’s for sure!


This Pattern of the Month, #32 Classic Flomflugan pack consist of:

– SOS Organizing Wallet Medium
– Pattern of the Month #32 Classic Flomflugan sticker
– FITS Tubing Fluor Orange Medium
– FITS Tubing Fluor Orange XS
– FITS Fluor Orange Tungsten 1/2 Turbo XS
– Mirage Tinsel
– SSS Holo Braid Hot Orange In Flames
– SSS Holo Braid Alta Gold
– SSS Angel Hair Hot Orange In Flames
– SSS Flash Hot Orange In Flames
– SSS Glitz Dubbing Hot Orange In Flames
– Orange cocks hackle
– Orange dyed ostrich body feathers
– Hot orange soft hackles
– Medium hot orange soft hair
– Large hot orange soft hair
– Synthetic jungle cock substitute
– Orange dyed peacock eye feather


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