What a fight!!

Today we started at Godaniemi with heavy sinking line, trough the pool once - nothing. Then time for Valiniva. I started at the east side from the bank. A fast Zebra resulted in two slow pulls. We changed tactics - sinking line deep from boat. First a 7 kilos and then another hard pull. Apparently they are taking deep… After dinner we fished Törmenen, one grilse there and one in Banas for me! Eivind had a 6 kilos in Hareströmmen, but the real adventure of the day was at Törmenen. Eivind hooked a big fish… BIG… it went wherever it wanted for 10 minutes. We got in the boat ready to go down Hapalathi, but the fish went down in the deep and got away.. It was a brutal fight with a truly big fish which we never saw! … Now we are a bit unlucky!