Two days on Kola river – a happy surprise!

The military really messed up this season… also second week closed and me and my buddy Chuck Gentry went to the Kola river. 45 min by car and we got to the lodge. The very nice lodge that I had no idea about that it even was there. “Kola Fishings 12” have 5 good beats, some of the best water on the river to themselves. This year will be the first year with exclusivity to the beat. I think this will be interesting to follow. I was really surprised about how nice the beat is and also that Kola on some places isn’t a bigger river. Early spring like this it’s also crystal clear, maybe not normal but a fact this year.

We have fished 1,5 day and both Chuck and I have landed fish. Yesterday I lost two good fish and today I landed one 10 kilo fish in the Railroad Pool. Chucky got a nice 15 lbs further down and I lost one more 7-8 kilo fish above one of the major rapids. Phatakorva TTT about 6-7 cm gave me these takes. Kola river and the lodge by the river is so far a very positive experience. Tomorrow we will fish the lover part “Monica”  – interesting since there was a couple of fresh fish caught down there and also new running fish seen.