The military closed down salmon heaven – new plans!

This year was special. I was supposed to start up 25th of May and fish thru well into June. Great time on the world’s best rivers. The northern Kola peninsula is also in the military zoon. They need to approve when and who’s coming. This year, maybe because of NATO playing in the Baltic region the Russian military wanted to have a maneuver on the Kola peninsula. As a fact last couple of years some weeks have been shut down because of this. So far I have not been affected but now, first week cancelled and also second week. What to do… several camps shut down lots of people without fishing.

With the help from my Kharlovka friends me and Chucky, my Indian American steelhead bum friend (and Frödinflies ambassador), managed to get on the upper most camp on the Kola River. We will start there from Saturday and do 3 days and then move downstream or maybe to some other smaller rivers. I am excited to do something I have never done before and also because the Kola River got some of the best fish in the world.

It also feels safe to know that after this adventure I am home to Kharlovka where I know my ways and know I feel very much at home. I will try to keep you posted on what’s happening up here on the Russian tundra.