TTT Fly Tying Competition – Stay Strong and Tie On!

These times are difficult—we want to live as before—but we have to realize that it’s not possible. We need to take our responsibility as fellow citizens. We have to think about our senior fly fishing pals, parents, grandparents and other people in the risk group.

Stroll around your local waters with a rod, read that new fishing book, or watch some of our adventurous fly fishing films. Perhaps better than anything else: put on some really good music, poor a drink and tie flies. Do we ever have too many variations!?

Introducing: TTT Fly Tying Competition. Our FITS TTT – Tungsten Turbo Tubes can be used in many different ways. They have already caught thousands of great fish, but the best TTT fly is yet to be tied. TTTs can be used for shrimps, intruders, and all kinds of Scandi patterns. Isolate yourself and get creative!

Mikael Frödin and Håkan Norling will judge your flies based on the style, pattern, attention to detail and level of innovation. The winner will receive a 2500 SEK / 250€ gift card to be used on FITS and SSS fly tying materials in the shop. Contribute with as many flies as you want to – there's no limit.

To participate:

  • Tie at least one fly on the FITS TTT-tubes
  • Publish a photo of your creation on your Facebook or Instagram
    (Or drop us an email at
  • Tag us, @frodinflies in the photo, and use the hashtags #fitstttcompetition #staystrongandtieon

The winner will be presented April 1st on our Facebook, Instagram, and here in the blog. Follow us and join the SALAR Club newsletter to be notified.

Stay strong and tie on!

UPDATE: Since some of you asked for it – we’ll give you 10% off in the shop until the 1st. Use the code “staystrong” in the summary in the checkout.