The official pressrelease of the premiere in Mörrum

25th of March, 2011 at 13:25 CET
09:02 the premiere fish in Mörrum was taken.
Pressrealease 2011-03-25

A female seatrot around five kilos was the first fish for the year when the premiere in Mörrum opened up in a beautiful, spring-like Mörrum on Friday the 25th of March. More than 200 fishermen tried out their luck in the forceful water of Mörrum and many of them had fish within a few hours.

Only two minutes after the starting shot went off for the fishing season of 2011 in Mörrum to begin, the first fish was landed. It was fishing journalist Mikael Frödin who was responsible for the first draught. Mikael is an experienced fisherman who has experienced around 30 fishing premieres in Mörrum.

-It was a fast take, a nice seatrot which I of course released. I think the fish belongs in the water – not in my freezer, says Mikael Frödin who lives in Knivsta and once landed a 22,9 kilo salmon in Mörrum.

There were 200 expectant fishermen – from 8 different countries – who had met up for the premiere in Mörrum. They situated themselves along the 15 km long stretch of the river. There were hundreds of curious locals who had all found their way to the river to witness this longed for premiere. For many sports fishermen this occasion is the highlight of the year after a long winter with frozen watercourses.

-Now we have half a year of fishing in Mörrum ahead of us and we hope that the Baltic sea salmon will find its’ way into Mörrum so that the fishing season turns out well, says Percy Assarsson, head of Mörrums Kronolaxfiske.

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