The Danish Fly Fair - one of the best fairs again!

I do not know how many times the fair has been now, but know I have been there at times, from its birth in Esbjerg many years back. One of the parts of the winning concept is certain that they are running the show only every other year. This year’s fair was affected by the chilly spring. On Saturday morning the ice was thick on the caste ponds and salt was the only chance to get it reasonably free for demos. Inside it was full swing in both casting demonstrations, lectures as fly tying. I my self was tying so my vise was glowing in the Guidelines booth. Above all, it was spring flies like the Black Doctor Spec, Durham but also some Samuraier. They will be nice for the Friday when it’s the Mörrumopening day. Then they will swim! The greatest interest was naturally on the Glow tubing. The contrasts against a black wing is amazing. The new Holo braid and SSS flashen too - nice. With this news SALES SYNTHETIC SERIES finally beginning to be reasonably complete. Among the Guideline stuff, it was the shorter Compact heads that stole the show. They’re made for the Danish fisheries so it was not so strange. Lxi and the new waders with welded seams also had many stakeholders. It was also fun to show off the new ASR brochure - many drooling over the chance to get to this Salmon paradise with rivers like Kharlovka, Litza and Rynda and several raised there eyebrows when I said I thought there was still a couple of rods availeble for the summer "Master Classe" starting July 13!