The 55 lbs Steinfossen fly – Wille’s Banana Pig

This is a version and a mix of a Banana Fly and a Potbelly with material from our cat Wille! I tied and fished this pattern the first time when I fished together with Mikael in Sautso, Alta a couple of years ago. I have come to like the Potbelly style of flies and the Banana Fly is a great contemporary pattern by Mikael Andersson. So what can go wrong when you mix them! I like the dirty yellow color you get, when dying sunburst yellow on nat. grey hair and hackle.

Tubing: Black M + S FITS Tubing

Body: 7 mm Tungsten Tube (TTT-tubes will add the same weight and balance)

Dubbing: Mix of Alta Gold SSS Dubbing and body hair from Wille.

Tail: Boar bristles in a dirty yellow banana color and most important of all: two white whiskers from Wille. I pick the ones he drops in his favorite places where he sleeps. So don’t worry, I promise all his whiskers are intact!

Hackle: Dirty nat. grizzle hen soft hackle, dyed sunburst yellow into a dirty banana yellow colour.

Cheeks: Nat. JC from domestic bird (I also use JC dyed sunburst yellow)

Head: Metallic Yellow FITS Micro Tungsten Turbo

// Håkan Norling 


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A great video, it is nice to see there are some Alta giants still around! It was even better to see it swim away. Shame the other comment didn’t bother to watch the rest of the video!

Brian November 30, 2019

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