The 55 lbs Steinfossen fly – Wille’s Banana Pig

This is a version and a mix of a Banana Fly and a Potbelly with material from our cat Wille! I tied and fished this pattern the first time when I fished together with Mikael in Sautso, Alta a couple of years ago. I have come to like the Potbelly style of flies and the Banana Fly is a great contemporary pattern by Mikael Andersson. So what can go wrong when you mix them! I like the dirty yellow color you get, when dying sunburst yellow on nat. grey hair and hackle.

Tubing: Black M + S FITS Tubing

Body: 7 mm Tungsten Tube (TTT-tubes will add the same weight and balance)

Dubbing: Mix of Alta Gold SSS Dubbing and body hair from Wille.

Tail: Boar bristles in a dirty yellow banana color and most important of all: two white whiskers from Wille. I pick the ones he drops in his favorite places where he sleeps. So don’t worry, I promise all his whiskers are intact!

Hackle: Dirty nat. grizzle hen soft hackle, dyed sunburst yellow into a dirty banana yellow colour.

Cheeks: Nat. JC from domestic bird (I also use JC dyed sunburst yellow)

Head: Metallic Yellow FITS Micro Tungsten Turbo

// Håkan Norling