Fantastic fishing at Kungsådran – big sea trout!

The little stream Kungsådran in Sweden has proven again to be one of the most prolific fishings in Scandinavia. My visit gave again more fish than you could possibly ask for. Both salmon but also gladly sea trout of rely good caliber. The bane of the coastal traps to catch sea trout have been really effective, showing how many fish they really caught before. The runs have improved dramatically and on my fishing, there was as before good numbers of salmon, most of them colored fall fish but also a few smaller with still some silver.

My biggest salmon was three fish over 12 kilo (25 lbs) with the biggest at approx. 14 kilo (30 lbs). Great fun on small flies right under the surface. There were many nice sea trout around 2-4 kilos, silvery straight from the sea they gave good sport. I also managed to land three really good trout. 6, 8 and then the magnificent 93 cm 10-11 kilo fresh super fish, the biggest taken in Kungsådran since the fishing started.

There are so many fish so if you crack the code you really get rewarded. I fished a hoover tip and tiny TTT flies. The smaller the more takes they produced. I was down to 10 mm micro flies in the same style that I use for the spring fishing on the Dee – really tiny! I fished them on a good downstream belly in full speed.

The big fish took a tiny Pahtakorva TTT in the tail of pool 4. It put up a great fight with several saltos clean out of the air. It crossed the river and tried several times to leave the pool, but I managed to keep him away from the rapids and the million big boulders. When it came in and showed its broad side, I was certain it was over the magic 10 kilos. An amazing 93 cm fish in super condition, it had probably only been in just a few days. I was thrilled to catch what we had talked about – the first 10 + kilo sea trout from Kungsådran. I have seen them before but without managing to make them take. The smile is still on my face – it’s a fish to remember for a long, long time!