Stora Laxa again...

After a day of discovering around the magical island it was time to fish one of my new favorites among all rivers in the world. Usually just four men is allowed on this long distance. It felt like there wasn’t time enough to fish all spots in less than week, two days just for trying and exploring pools worth fishing more than once. Floating line and a Hitch on the leader felt like the obvious way to fish. To Hitch is a strange trick… it’s a bit hard in the start, but very effective when you know what you’re doing. I fished down in the middle part of beat 4. Had a few up on the fly and landed a couple, another magical day on a river which is nearly impossible to describe! My best fly was a small green simple fly hitched with a hole in the side. Some time I must return when the conditions are a bit better with a lot of fish running!

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