Sekond day, freezing cold but great fishing!

Imagine - salmon & seatrout fishing is something you never really can grasp!? The second day started after a frosty morning. The wind howled from the north and the cold was biting! A day like this one would have guessed that the fishing would be tough!
But - no! The fish were much alert and the fishing quite easy. I fished pool 1 and got a nice one from the gravel bank maybe a little more than 12 lbs. Then down to pool11, the place under the bridge gave some nice once. I still have a few small hot "Secret" spots. This little spot gave two fine fish one of 85 cm and two lost. Astonishing that they are in the same places as 25 years ago - at that time I knew every stone in the river! Some cast in pool 8 gav a nice 5 kg fresh from the sea and then lunch and time for me to break.
It will probably be a little more Mörrum later on this spring - it’s a nice river and there are so many memories!