Second day Kharlovka, tough weather and big fish

The weather changed from sunny 18 to more normal windy cold 5 degrees. It’s quite cozy to fish in a short sleeve but I am in Russia for the early spring fat fish and the cold normally goes with it so I just got into my warmest and hit the lower river. This day I fished alone since my fishing partner had to go to some important meetings. I got a nice fish in Julians and then on a long cast another fish took deep and slow. It was one of those only slow swimming around, just didn’t take more than 20-30 m line but never wanted to give up. After a 15-20 m in a very broad 106 cm beauty slide in to sure surrender with the TTT Nasty Banana in the corner of its mouth. A fantastic fish at approx. 30+ lbs. I released it back, took my cap of and saluted the great river and fantastic fish.

Later same day I got a crazy one. It took in the fast water of Rock pool and just ripped 75 m of line of my reel. Fast and mad it was a great fight. 20 lbs with a big seal bite, maybe that’s what scared the hell out of it. The biggest fish of today made me wear that funny Scottish hat – they are truly crazy those guys and a lot of fun to be along with. Next day I started in Rock pool, also this as good day with three landed fish. Nothing spectacular but a good 18 lbs from Julians being my best fish. Today I fished a zebra on a TTT. Very clear river and a bit of sun behind the clouds made me choose that fly. The Zebra is really remarkable. Silver and black with the white really makes good contrast and a fantastically effective fly. The weather is cooling down, the river a lot and rain has made it start rising, hmm tricky conditions!