Litza and Home pool – the big ones keep coming!

The fish are late to Litza this year and I couldn’t get a take, even if I fished some good water, Tent pool and my beloved Lower Tent pool where I landed many big fish of at least 4 over 30 lbs. I ended the day with an hour in Home pool. A nice 14 lbs took my Zebra in the tail and gave me a great fight in the sun. There were fish coming in so I went out with my personal new Scottish “Gillie” Alex Petigrew (also guerst). We left the left side for the other guests and fished the far side. A hard take and 50 m of backing of the reel – sooo good feeling. I landed a nice fat sea liced 20 lbs and lost one more.

We changed side and the TTT Pathakorva was pulled in the middle of the river. New cast and a gentle touch, hmm... I said to Alex do I touch the stone or…? New cast and a much harder pull.. no it is a fish! Typical bigger fish they can’t resist it but don’t really want it... I tried to speed up – no reaction then I tried to hang the fly, after all the water is only 5 degrees, and then the take was firm. I gave him a meter of line and raised the rod. Slow and heavy head shakes and no long first run – big fish! The fight was nice he moved around slow, moved over towards the other side maybe he had 60-70 m at one time.

When he came in short, I understood it was a nice fish. A 20 lbs is quite easy to lift and steer, this fish just didn’t want to come in. Finally, the net reached him – a wonderful wild salmon! A perfect fish of 105 cm and 30+ lbs. Shaped like a dolphin broad and powerful – a very happy moment. A true victory to make him take – maybe the best fish this year – maybe I get bigger, but more beautiful and with a better more exciting way to get the take is almost impossible! I went to sleep late with a truly good feeling.