New colour - FITS Yellow "Golden" Metallic!

The spring is here and in Scandinavia now finally it got a bit warmer. No salmon running yet up here in the north and it looks like it will be another late spring. The fly tying season is at its peak and it’s time to fill the boxes/wallets with flies.

After a bit of testing and experimenting we can now proudly present what we think is maybe our coolest FITS colour – the Yellow "Golden" Metallic. Off to Scotland and the Dee! A bit late spring, quite high and cold water made it necessary to let the Dee Sheep’s have some Samurai and Dee Samurai company in my private boxes. Black-yellow is a classic combination and I couldn’t help using the new cones on most of the newly tied flies – follow our blog and you will see if they work!

We have introduced the new colour on our whole range – tungsten cones, turbos ½ turbos and the popular TTT. Some of my Banana fly freak friends got absolutely crazy over the new stuff – yellow is the no 1 fashion fly colour right now.