Master Class summery

This was the sixth time I had a "Master Class" week and it was the one with most salmon landed! 14 rods + myself took 269 salmon with two over 30 pounds and many over 20 lbs. An absolutely fantastic result. Self I fished only 2-4 hours/day and had over 20 salmon - amazing! The small powerpoints for breakfast and dinner worked excellent and fortunately I got very positive feedback. Some came with wide smiles after salmon caught as a result of the tips they received. Fantastic fun for me - to share my experience with immediate results gives a good feeling. The coaching out on the river also went good, some casting tips but mainly to get away upstream mends away and instead create large downstream bellys and a fast fly was probably what was most important. Regarding tackle, light two-handed rods worked best. Self, I took a dozen salmon on single handed which I personally really like! Floating line was what gave the most, hitched sunrays and micro tubes was the flies that gave the most takes. Fire Ass´ and Willie Gun´s also gave good result. Overall, a clear success and the question is how many places in the world that can provide such large catches with a good chance of really big fish. Kharlovka/Litza is my salmon paradise!
For those of you who are interested in a "Master Class" for season 2015 please send me an email and I will get back with more details as soon as everything is set. First to come!