Last day in Sautso

The day started with sunshine and pleasant heat. Good for everything – except salmon fishing. We left for Törmenen and it was my turn to start. I continued with float/int/sink 2 and picked out a small Greenlander Puzzy.The big pull with a capital P came half way down. The salmon pulled fiercely and when everything started to tighten up I lifted my rod – got you! Not a single movement for ten seconds. I continued to reel in to make it move. Heavy pulls which told me it was a big one. All of a sudden the line went loose and the fish was gone……oh shit!!!!

A tiny 3 kilo grilse was hardly any comfort – I had been so close to landing one of the river’s big ones but lost it!

The afternoon gave us a change in weather – cold northern wind made everything impossible. We fished way into the night without getting a single pull…….
Our 4 days gave totally 13 fish between the four of us – pretty good! I’m satisfied with my 7……