Kharlovka week 2, day 4

Today it was time for Falls in Kharlovka. Anders and I went up there with high hopes. However it turned out there was high water and rather difficult conditions, but we each managed a salmon. I got mine on the “u-boat rig” 850 grains and lead on the fly. We went downstream after that. Anders got a nice 10 kilo fish in Guys, while I was fishing Upper Canyon. This magical water is like it was created for fly fishing! I got one and had a bit of a bad luck losing two. A crazy 8 kilo fish did take me to the backing though – awesome! It was the black and white Zebra that produced the take. Swung with speed over the tailout, the salmon couldn’t resist. Down in Golden Anders was fishing the island and I fished the tailout. A very hard take and some jumps later from a 10 kilo fish, before it freed itself was what I got. Some unlucky moments today, I usually don’t lose that many fish, but it will even out!

A lot of salmon came up the Litza today! We are going there tomorrow – exciting!

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