Kharlovka news 2nd of August

Dear Friends,

Probably you know already about an important event that took place in the ASR. On 16th June, it was announced at Kharlovka that Peter Power has handed over his camps, famous throughout the world, to me, Vladimir Rybalchenko. It was not a simple decision for me to undertake this responsibility of securing the future of the ASR. It would have been much more comfortable for me to come over to Kharlovka and Rynda as a guest. We spent many an hour with Peter Power dwelling on the future of these wonderful rivers and made a mutual decision that Peter would hand over the safe keeping of the ASR to me.

Peter Power is a great man who has set exceptionally high standards on the rivers’ conservation and organization of fishing. I will do everything possible to preserve these standards. For me this is not a business. My goal is to preserve the salmon and trout waters of Kharlovka, Eastern Litza, Rynda and Zolotaya in the way that he has done.

Dear friends of the ASR! Many of you know me, since we fished together. I hope to get to know many others in the future. I will be happy to meet you all on both the magnificent Atlantic Salmon and Wild Brown Trout programs. I promise that the fishing will continue to be international. I also promise to protect the rivers and lakes from poachers and to be very careful about the fragile nature of the entire ecosystem.

I am sure that many exciting and great fishing adventures await us in the future!

Yours sincerely,

Vladimir Rybalchenko