Kharlovka - Monday

Today we headed for Rynda. This”Three Rivers”operation is pretty amazing – 2 days of fishing in every river, 2 groups per river. Talk about having lots of water to fish!!! Rynda is extremely low at the moment. We landed by Red Rock and fished our way downstream. It was mostly “pocket fishing” till we got to Tolstoi where the water was deeper and held a lot more fish. I took one grilse and lost two on my first way down.

We fished home-pool without even a tug and after that proceeded to Rock Island. Here we had lots of tugs and a fantastically beautiful colored 10 kilo salmon and one smaller around 5 kilos, both seduced by a small Samurai.

I continued my fishing close to the sea to finish the day off by Tolstoi once again where I had a small grilse on a Micro Dee Sheep. Fishing Litza had been great today – tomorrow we’ll have a go at Litza – terrific!!!