Kharlovka ASR, 5. report


Today it was back to Kharlovka Falls again! Better fishing weather with a slight drizzle and light winds felt really good. It was a great day, and I landed 4 salmon between 7-8 kilo and Harald got two. I was using my “u-boat rig” with Tungsten and 850 grains on my 6-piece Lxi. Great to finally have my gear back. Pahtakorva produced a couple of salmon, but also the new “Zebra”. The Zebra is a spiced black and white variant of a Black & Silver. In the evening we had fish soup by Home Pool, a nice tradition followed by the biggest pile of king crab I have seen… The hero of the day was my Icelandic friend “Hilli Bille Hitch Machine” from 0 salmon he landed 8 nice salmon today, a couple the first on dry fly and hitch this year – bold and deserved! It is fantastic to have 10 days left in this paradise! Tomorrow we are going to Litza, where I got my 19 kilo salmon, and we’re going to try to get Litza Falls started!

Stay tuned for more!