Kharlovka ASR, 4. report


Today we finally got the chance to fish on the upper sections, early of course, but I knew there were fish! A river fills from top to bottom, despite our psyche telling us we should fish close to the sea early in the season. We went up to Kharlovka Falls. First round produced a lost fish and some pulls. I have experienced this before; early in the season a fly that is fished too high will only produce pulls or drags. I changed to a 50 grains, tungsten tube and bead – Bingo! A big Pahtakorva produced 2 fine salmon, 9 and 5 kilo. The wind was howling with gusts of + 20 m/sec today too. Tomorrow will be better… we’ll be going back up there – great! The total catch for the river was just 4 today – surely it is the wind making them sulk!