Kharlovka ASR, 1. report


Finally I got to the Kola Peninsula. However, arriving in Murmansk it soon was clear that disaster had struck. Finnair managed to lose my baggage!! 17 bags missing, mine included. Now, normally they can just forward it, but in remote Russia it is not that simple. So here I am without clothes or my gear. I have borrowed some, and hope they can get the baggage here by car/truck Tuesday. Luck would have it that I have my flies, a couple of rods and my waders… but no reels, no fly fishing vest, no leaders and well… no clothing!!! A disaster for sure!
The river is in perfect shape, some of the best conditions I have ever seen this time of the season. So, it is extra tough not be able to fish the way I want! Yesterday we fished for 2 hours, and I went to Litza and got a handful of kelt! Tomorrow I am hoping to report on my first salmon!