Kharlovka 2 week, day 1


The first group left the camp today. It was a little sad to say goodbye to Hillie Billie, Ingo and Julian and the rest of the group. Only Chuck and I stayed behind. We went up to Falls - and to cut a long story short – I caught 3 nice salmon there; 17, 19 and 25 pounds! Finally a bigger fish, which even though it probably had been in the river for 2 weeks, was much longed for! The secret behind my success was letting line out after my casts and letting the whole thing sink further; a trick that Chuck did not use as much fishing in front of me. When the new group with new friends arrived; Mike Fletcher, Collin Goh and Anders Holmberg, my team buddy, we went to Litza. I was the first one out on the stone bank called Snow Bank, and I landed 2 great salmon; an 8 pounder and a fat 20 pounder that gave me a tremendous fight! A fantastic day with 5 salmon for me! Pahatakorva and Whitch in 10 and 8 cm worked on this day!