Helsinki Fair

Early morning Saturday flying from Copenhagen and arriving to the Expo in Helsinki at around 11. I meet brother Håkan Norling and the guys from Helsinki Spey Clave who took great care of us. Saturday saw a great crowed. They say that 16 000 people visited the far only Saturday and over 25 000 the whole weekend – amazing. But there was also a bit of everything, skating, sports horses, outdoor, hunting and fishing. A big fair with a bit for every one. It was my first time on this fair and I think it was quite Ok. Big and also with a positive feel to it! All in Finnish of course – strange language! I tied flies most of the time both days and it was great to see that the Finns really appreciated SSS and FITS even tough one of the coping companies were right around the corner. SSS was a great hit, the Glow tubing too and now they are waiting for the new braid that got a really good interest! Scandi lines where casted and liked – I think that series will be a big hit in Finland! Now home and preparing for Örebro next weekend.