Em opening 2013!

A little strange and swine cold day. The day after an epoch Gustaf - and his son Göran Ulfsparre completed. The Opening days were bitterly cold, without a doubt the coldest days I fished on the Em. A strong wind from the northeast, a few degrees below zero in the air and believe it or not a -0.8 degrees celsius in the water made fishing to say the least chilly. Fewer running seatrout in conjunction with the biting cold made the fishing tricky! Deep and terribly slow was what gave results. I fished two sets of tackle with the idea to always fish as deep as convenient. The Black Doctor flash was best fly. The two days gave 30 fish to the 15 premiere guests. I can not say that I was so stubborn andtoo determind so I was happy with my five fish and a couple takes more. It was slow and I can only say that it feels like I am getting older! I made 14 Älvkarleby premieres on line. New Year’s Day with an average of perhaps -15 degrees. The Em wheather was pure holiday in the sun in comparison. Well I hope I can come back later in the spring when you at least can make three cast in a row without ice sits like a stopper in each guide! A little short but very cold film will show up soon!