First days on Bolstad – rain, rain and more rain

A couple of more Bolstad fishing days. The weather changed fast and rain has now been pouring down with a fast raising river. We are now a bit over 100 m3/s. It’s a perfect level but I hate that raising river. I managed to take a 10 lbs fish out of Merrhölen. It took a Green Samurai of maybe 12 cm. Finally a fish landed for me. It has been very tough. The group is now on 9 landed and I must say I have been a bit in a vacuum… unlucky on the lottery and not fishing with the best confidence. Hmm I better shape up! Bolstad is so classic here, so many big fish have been caught over the years. Staying in “Hiet” is also special. The old fish on the wall is magic. Now I am off to catch one of those special fish. More to come soon!