First day in Forshaga

Finally I arrived in Forshaga, one of the places I been on my way to so many times, but never fished. The summer is here and the weather is useless or as other would say fantastic!

18 anglers participating in the Master Class, perfekt! Two lectures/day and coaching on the programme. On Forshaga it’s fishing from the boat that is the thing when the water levels are high, but there’s advantages with everything. Thanks to the warm weather we could take to boat out to the shallow parts and wade from there. Three zones, 1,2 and 3 with the seconds one as the one which gives the best catches.

After the first day we could conclude the river was full of fish, but the thing was to lure them. 20 degrees and sunshine is the hardest possible condition. A couple pulls on small Pahtakorvas was what Forshaga could offer the first day.