Day two - 28 degrees

Sunshine and a stubborn heat - today the temperature reached 28 degrees, unbelievable! The small shore where the boats are dragged up was turned into a beach and the fishing was almost impossible.

The day gave a couple salmon and a few lost ones. Small flies fished fast was the trick. A hitched fly lured a couple to the surface even though the weren’t caught. To fish the fly on the upper side of the rod was the thing. It’s easy to fall into the mending trap and lose drift and fish too slow. Generally the anglers in the class are good. A lot of local experience and many salmon on their conscience.

The sport fishing association’s facilities here is fantastic and it easy to conclude that Peter Berlin has a superb office. The night included fly tying, a interesting crowd joined me tying Pahtakorva and a Willie Gun Nobody style. Perfect flies here!