Filming in Iceland for Artifishal Campaign Against Salmon Farming

Wednesday, I landed on fairy tale Iceland. This time to shoot a short little clip to help in the work to stop the open pen fish farming to grow on the island. The wild salmon stocks of Iceland are threatened, and I strongly believe that to let fish farming grow in the west fjords will be a disaster for the pristine wild ecosystems and the pure wild salmon stocks of Iceland. It was a bit strange to first see the famous Laxa in Kjos in March and not when wild fish are running. Together with the French film team, Oskar from Iceland and Katka from Czech, we did our part in this little film. Icelandic weather, shifting between snow and sun every 10 minutes and a quite bad cold for me made things a bit trickier. Next week we will see if the result will be satisfying. Now home to get in the car and go to Jönköping where the Swedish Sport Fishing Fair takes place. Missed Friday, but I’ll be there for the weekend!